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Barbara and Charlette's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Charlette Augusta Renault-Caragianes

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[30 Dec 2010|03:03pm]
I still want to build doll houses and become more comfortable with sewing. I have a new interest in learning how to concoct and cast love spells. The recent snow has induced ritual afternoon saltings of my house's perimeter which means my hands taste weird.

With the help of Joanna, I am going to see how a relationship with Tumblr works out. It's funny that I started this livejournal with a friend and am now, 6ish years later, needing a partner to explore another internet outlet. The internet really makes me uneasy. I should maybe cast my doll house ambitions aside and focus my energy on the WWW and it's vast capabilities.

I'm wearing a slutty dress on NYE and am hoping to get banged in a casino bathroom. High hopes that I do not mind sharing with you.

this image is not at all related to any of the statements preceding it.  just a simple gift from me to you.

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MENU [14 Dec 2010|01:11pm]
-champagne jello shots (make on Thursday)
-shrimp cocktail (make on Thursday)
-cheese and meats (assemble)
-marshmallow bark (make on Thursday)
-cookies (buy)
-egg rolls (buy)
-pumpkin and dark chocolate empanadas (make)
-broccoli and cauliflower (prepare)
-mini gluten free veggie sliders (make)
-baked zucchini sticks (prep Friday morn)


music is set.
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Perfecto! [14 Nov 2010|03:57pm]
[ mood | anticipatory ]

Great skin and hair make for a look that is always fetching. The model, Juana Berga, could punctuate any outfit, during any season, for any occasion with this beautyscape.

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I've heard and heard and now I'm learning. [09 Aug 2010|04:01pm]
good circulation helps regulate everything else.
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believe in yourself [24 Jul 2010|01:17am]
Getting some homemade head shots put together for a big audition next Saturday. The Tampa Unified Auditions will bring together 13 theaters and production companies in the Tampa area for a mass casting call. I'll need to have two contrasting monologues prepared and stacks of resumes and heavily edited photos of myself to fork over before by number is called.

I'm going kind of rogue though. All of the audition slots are full and I have yet to be contacted since putting myself on the wait list. I am going a half hour ahead of the first scheduled audition with the intention of sitting around until someone, and I believe this is inevitable, doesn't show up.

I am so excited. My two monologues are in the works and I can't see myself missing this. I hope that I'll end up with my pick of shows but being cast in the ensemble of the smallest show would be a thrill too.

My mumma and pop want me to send videos of my monologues 4 them 2 critique. I am going to send copies of my chosen head shot to my grandparents. I feel like a bright and boundless little star.
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just play it cool, boy [29 Jun 2010|06:52am]
Chased people who were on bikes. Went to a Manifest show. Sat alone at a bar despite arriving with two people. Arranged to go to a party before plans were thwarted/we were too late. Let a pinball machine steal my loot only to have it recovered in the form of a discounted beer. Brought a book to A's show expecting it to be lame but ended up dancing. Ate a bunch of caffienated, carbonated mints. Got a too small cowboy hat. Questioned my choices.

This is the rhythm of the night.
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http://www.anothermag.com/filestorage/28068.jpg [22 Jun 2010|02:02pm]

Chinese pet trend according to Perez Hilton and Daily Mail. I think it's really, really cute! The woman in the red dress looks like such a boss. What took people so long to do this? So much better looking than a pink poodle.

Anyway, I'm in Massachusetts for another week or so. I hope everyone in California, New Jersey, Florida and wherever else is good.
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it should be hard [16 Jun 2010|12:37am]
Britain's got talent.

Daisy Lowe for UK esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

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[15 May 2010|03:57am]
I found a little bug crawling around in my chest hair. I said, "YOU TICKLED ME AND THEN DREW MY ATTENTION AND NOW I'M FREAKED!" It was like, "Don't have a cow." "What the fuck?!" me screamed. "Shut up. I'm harmless."

"What the fuck, talking bug."

It proved itself harmless after a calm discussion wherein I learned it'd been on my body for long times. Undetected not because of its own devious pestishness, but because of my wild body hair.

I told the crawler that I'd help it find a new home before getting the electrolysis that I so obviously needed. The bug stopped me and got to talking about responsibility.

"I don't follow, bug."

"Sometimes your first responsibility is to yourself and other times, when others have more at stake, you leave the self behind in favor of them. You put them before you because if you don't, they'll be engulfed."

This bug was talking crazy shit. Or was it?

"You are harboring an entire species of disease pulverizing parasites. If you zap us for the sake of your vanity, MILLIONS-WILL-DIE."

So I took a shower, read New Moon for a while, and went to bed.
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[23 Apr 2010|03:26pm]
I wouldn't mind nurturing a duckling.

I could make my own salted duck eggs. I could put shaving cream in Navy's hand, tickle her nose with the duck's butt, and watch her cream herself. I could get a tech deck and teach it how to skate.
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Hey, Michelle! Got your letter :] [15 Apr 2010|01:22pm]
Woohoo! No Powerball winner this morning. I get 212 million dollars (really 114.6 million if I take the lump sum) on SATURDAY!

Yeehaw! Then I can get a Cadillac. Then I can clone Penelope Cruz's jugs, have the duplicate set sewn onto mine chest, and produce/star in pictures on the silvew scween WITH Penelope Cruz. Then I can open 50 branches of Sal(au)ondry*, one for every state capital.

For now I will eat some spicy curry. For now I will prepare to severely bruise this quiz later tonight.

I'm wearing floral pajama pants that I have fashioned into high waisted daisy dukes and a racer back tank top folded up into a busticaca. No jewelry. Nails are two coats Slutty Summer Pink (gloss but no metallic bullshit sheen) with two top coats of intense pink/blue glitter. Best handscape I've had all month, ya'll.

Today I danced to some Ciara videos and mimicked Kate Gosselin's stab at Paparazzi on Dancing with the Stars a few times. Also watched some educational cartoon clips of yesteryear. Guess the cartoon to win some of my lottery treasure.

what r u wearing?

*Sal(au)ondry is a laundromat/salon/snackery of my dreams. People come in to have cute girls do their laundry and while they wait they have a menu of salon services and good food at their disposal.
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[02 Apr 2010|06:47pm]
Thank you, Mike!
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all these years and I still can't make a livejournal cut [25 Mar 2010|01:20pm]
Instead of the traditional morning kiss, morning nookie, or standard alarm clock I was awoken by a fart directly on my forehead.
This was no accident. My beloved put her bare butt to my forehead and pooted.
I was groggy. I laughed. I rolled over.
She did it again and then again.
I was groggy. I laughed. I punched her.

I drove her to work and browsed Neimen Marcus until, as usual, I felt much unfriendly body language from the employees. I prefer Nordstrom for my shop-dreaming anyway.
I pooed in their marble-laden bathroom. I left.

Since then I've:
gotten coffee,
talked to my mom,
watered my potted garden,
made a to-do list,
sent some e-mails,
stalked people on Facebook**,
drained 30% of my computer's freshly charged battery life.

I hope to have a productive, if not great, day. With plenty of activities planned, a good night of sleep on my side, and no aches or pains it should unfold nicely.

Been thinking about going to a hobby shop to start building a doll house but this doll apartment building would be cool in the meantime.

*I try to focus my daily dancing on a move or style--see: lyrical, broadway, the jerk. Today focused on getting low a la Ludacris/Paul Wall videos. I can get low okay but I always look like I am straining to carry something heavy by myself. I gotta correct this.

**Does anyone Facebook to the point where you might end up looking at someone's cousins, friends, signi other? Even when you've never met the characters in question? I do. I call it being a recreational private investigator.
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My heart breaks as you take your long journey [12 Mar 2010|10:22am]
I care very deeply about robes and think they stand for something great. This makes me want to invest in a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress so as to feel enrobed at all times.

I was for a time very excited at the idea of wearing tailored suits every day once I get my degree but now I am thinking that breezy dresses would be more appropriate.

It is a time for grief, celebration, anger, and acceptance. After fitting all of that into a box, there isn't much room left for lapels.
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they don't think as fast as us [05 Mar 2010|12:29am]
Breakfast: an orange
Lunch: three slices of turkey rolled up with yellow mustard, hunk of pumpkin bread
Dinner: Ginger chicken, rice, a handful of greasy french fries, and a Claussen pickle

Guess which one of these words I had to spell check.
Guess which one of these words I didn't spell check but will verify after I post.

Technology has made it too easy to feign intelligence.
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I'd rather be with you 'cause you try so hard to take care of me [01 Mar 2010|04:53pm]
In order to get to school today I'll be spending more time on the bus than in class. I get one heck of a break between two of my classes when I'll spend 5 bucks on a leg-sized sub. One week until break with exams peppering the next few days.

Wearing Simple eco-sneakers, Anchor Blue mens low-rise jeans in ash, floral t-shirt of mom's, forest green v-neck cashmere sweater from Banana Republic. Backpack by American Eagle. Bangle from Tatsy with gold Citizen eco-drive watch both worn on left wrist. Honey-almond chapstick from Claire's. Naked nails.

It should be a good month.
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[20 Feb 2010|11:38pm]
Saw the sexiest girl in the hotel lobby today. She was wearing a super short workout skirt and fresh peach sandals with a tight tank top. She was a size 4, maybe 6, and didn't mind that her soft looking butt was peeking at whoever wanted it. She had a doofy tattoo of a dog on her nape and silver studs in her ears. Her hair was long and brown but pulled up in a tight bun. She was in the lobby to send a fax. Her boyfriend collected her when she was done...or maybe she summoned him.

Her ownership of her sex was a treat. And so were the sandals.
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mcqueen [19 Feb 2010|04:05am]
called himself the pink sheep of his family. ha! whattacutie.
mooned the audience at his fall 1995 show. ha!
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mm papa love you [15 Feb 2010|02:13pm]
In honor of President's Day, I'll share with you a design by a first lady favorite, Thakoon.  The designer recently signed on to create a line of fine jewelry for the Japanese brand Tasaki and the results are way sexy. 

Way sexy, yeah?
They remind me of those clacking balls that you always see on the desks and nightstands of distinguished geeks. 

Check out Thakoon's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear-if-You-Have-a-Popular-Blog-or-Lots-of-Money collection along with all of his other collections at Style.com.  Enjoy the holiday!
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it took a while to get me here and I'm gonna take my time [12 Feb 2010|01:21pm]
Lee McQueen 1969-2010
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